UPDATED: Gran Canaria Weather: Hurricane Winds and Coastal Threat 28/11/14

AEMET have issued red and orange weather warnings in the Canary Islands for hurricane strength winds and huge waves. Gran Canaria is on red warning for gales up to 130km/h in the peaks and the North of the island, with the rest of the island on orange warning for winds of 100km/h.

Take care if you are near the beach, respect beach flags and use common sense as there is also a warning for waves up to 6 metres high!

In the south of Gran Canaria, it's looking very grey outside and there is rain forecast for today.

If you haven't already, secure any loose items such as plants and decorations on your balcony or roof.

(See below 1st image for updates)


The Canarian Government tweeted out some guidelines to follow to stay safe in this situation

So far there have been a few reported incidents, such as a yacht washed up onto the beach in Playa de las Marañuelas in Arguineguin and a fallen tree in San Bartolome de Tirajana.

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UPDATED: Heavy Rain and Storms for Gran Canaria 19/11/14 - 20/11/14

AEMET have issued a yellow and orange weather warning for heavy rain and storms in Gran Canaria from 06:00am Wednesday 19th November - Thursday 20th evening.

We've already had some rain, Monday evening in Vecindario there was an impressive downpour and most of Tuesday has been rainy with sunny intervals in the south.

(See below images for the latest updates - newest updates are at the top)

According to the forecast, the rain is expected to last right up until the weekend. (forecast is from Mogán)

Here's a rainy palm tree pic from Vecindario, I'm also really enjoying fan pics over on Gran Canaria Blog's Facebook Page.



17:15hr As expected it rained heavy this afternoon, one minute it was sunny with blue sky trying to break through the storm clouds, the next thing the ground was drenched! I could see the rain coming off the sea in Puerto Rico, drove along the coast 5 minutes to Amadores Beach and it was suddenly torrential!

Snow on La Palma and Tenerife
Well the forecast for snow was right, the first flakes of the season have fallen in Roque de los Muchachos and Parador Nacional del Teide.

At this very moment it's sunny and we could be in for a lovely sunset. Warnings are still in place for Friday.

09:30hr Good morning! Here in the south of Gran Canaria, it's a dark start to the day, with lots of grey cloud coverage and it's just begun to rain. I'm not sure of the temperature but it's hoodie weather for me personally. AEMET have raised the warning to orange for heavy rain today and storms today. The rain is expected to get heavier from around midday. I've yet to hear any thunder or see and lightning but I will keep you posted.


21:00hr Here is another video from today, that I shot in Puerto Rico as the water was flowing like crazy down into the sea.

Check out the blog post from Puerto Rico here, it includes more photos from today.

Snow in Gran Canaria?

AEMET have kept the weather warning in place for Friday also, with more rain expected and possibly some snow on the peaks at 1900m on Thursday evening/Friday morning. Pico de las Nieves is the highest point of the island at 1949m, so we will see. I won't be headed up into the mountains, for a couple of reasons, it's not safe to be driving with risk of rockfall after such heavy rain, also because if there is a sign it might snow of a weekend, the peaks will be full of people.

15:40hr Well I've had a great morning of 'storm chasing' and taken plenty of videos and photos. Please make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updates on videos, (they aren't all of the rain, there is a very nice one of Amadores Beach in January) As of right now the rain has stopped but according to weather forecaster Vicky Palma, there is another storm building form to the west of the Canaries.

Maspalomas River:

The barranco that runs through Maspalomas is inundated with rushing water coming down from the mountains. Here's a video I made earlier today, photos are on the way too.

09:25hr Now I have a small leak at home, the water is coming down from the roof terrace, under the door so I've put some old towels down. Hopefully it won't get too bad. It also feels like the wind has picked up a little and the rain changed direction.

08:30hr - 09:00hr Very heavy rain in Arguineguin, which started out with the sunrise and then suddenly turned very dark at 09:00hr, I've had to switch the lights on in the office which feels very strange. I haven't heard many people in the street so I'm guessing not many kids went to school today.

05:30hr I heard really heavy rain early on and went to check all my windows, so far no leaks.


11:45hr It's calm in the south of Gran Canaria, but as always I will keep you updated as I know more.

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Gran Canaria Mountain Adventure - Tejeda

Today was the perfect day to explore the mountains of Gran Canaria. It was a hazy day through most of the south of Gran Canaria this morning and the low cloud towards the center of the island looked promising.

You see, when you live on Gran Canaria it's quite the novelty to go in search of 'a bit of cold weather'. The island is so diverse weather wise that driving to the heart of the island can usually guarantee a drop in temperature, especially in the Autumn and Winter.

The original plan was to drive to Cruz de Tejeda and have lunch at Yolanda Grill Restaurante, but the thick cool cloud was clustered lower down the moutain and the 'mar de nubes' was moving pretty fast, so we decided on the Historic Quarter of Tejeda town itself. It was actually sunny by the time we arrived with a lovely fresh breeze (still t-shirt weather)

El Labrador Restaurante, Tejeda

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, all with a spectacular view of the valley below. El Labarador Restaurante grabbed our attention and had plenty of al fresco diners, so we joined them.

El Labrador is the ideal mountain stop off to enjoy some typical Canarian food in a magnificent setting. I was actually so hungry I only snapped a photo of the Canarian wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce 'papas con mojo', but the house salad with fresh avocado and chorizo croquettes were equally delicious. Besides, part of the fun of discovering a new restaurant is finding your own favourite dishes.

Besides it's restaurants, the magical town of Tejeda has an impressive church the Parochial Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro.

Hotel Las Tirajanas, Tunte

And so we reluctantly began the drive back down. A coffee break was needed so we stopped at Hotel Las Tirajanas in Tunte. It's definitely on my list of places to have a short weekend break. The ambience is perfect for those wanting to explore, maybe take a hike or just completely relax. I almost fell asleep in one of the comfy chairs in the lounge!

I particularly enjoyed having a look around the vegetable gardens in the grounds of the hotel. They are growing everything from yams, to curry and coffee beans! A friendly ginger cat was also having a stroll.

Have you visited Tejeda? Do you have a favourite restaurant in the mountains of Gran Canaria?

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