Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin

Every July the village of Arguineguin in the south west of Gran Canaria celebrates the Fiestas del Carmen. There are plenty of activities to join in with such as the huge water fight parade through the streets known as Bajada de la Rama or the free outdoor concerts.

The opening night kicks off with the Gala Queen election and late night party with DJ’s and outdoor entertainment.

The 2015 Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin takes place 10th – 19th July.

Arguineguin Romería

Saturday 11th July 2015

The whole event is something to check out, but make sure you don’t miss the Romería of Arguineguin, in which locals dress up in traditional Canarian clothing, old and young. You will feel like you have been transported back in time, as carts are brought through the streets with fruits, potatoes and offerings for Virgen del Carmen much like a harvest festival.

Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin

Fiesta del Agua

Sunday 12th July 2015 – 15:00h

In recent years a new event has been added to the Fiestas del Carmen program. The Fiesta del Agua is free daytime outdoor disco held in the market square of Arguineguin. Live DJ’s and dance music attract 100’s of people from all over the island. This is usually held the day after the Romeria.

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Bajada de la Rama

Saturday 18th July 2015 – 18:00h

Imagine a water fight then multiply it by 1000 and add music. Bajada de la Rama (the taking down of the leaves) is one of the most anticipated events of the Summer in Arguineguin, with what seems like the whole of the village dressed in their beach wear parading through the streets with water guns and dancing to the music of Banda Gran Canaria.

Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin

You really won’t believe how many people participate in this event which starts at Plaza de Pino Seco and heads down the main street of Francisco Navarro and through the village to the beach.

Head to the square for outdoor entertainment usually on a large stage and dine ‘al fresco’ at the ‘Chiringuitos’ where you can enjoy some delicious Canarian foods, grills and drinks.

Tip: Prepare to get wet even if you are just watching! Later on in the evening, when all the water guns are put away, get yourself to the market square and nearby for a party, it’s the last night of the fiestas and it goes out with a bang! Don’t miss the fireworks at midnight!

Fiestas del Carmen Arguingeguin Boat Procession

Sunday 19th July 2015 – 10:30h

Head to the harbour for the maritime procession as the statue of Virgen del Carmen is lifted up onto a fishing boat and leads the way to Puerto de Mogan. You can see this from most of Mogán coastline from Arguineguin to Pto. de Mogan. There will be a lot of traffic out at sea this day.

Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin

You can choose to pay and go on one of the boats, many of them offering a party atmosphere as they follow the main boat containing the statue. This is always great to watch from the harbour or even high up from a balcony, you can often get some great photographs of the many boats that will cross the Mogán coastline.

Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin

Many people watch this procession every year, as ‘Carmen’ sails along the Mogan coastline, bringing protection to the fishermen and villages along the way.

Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin

Take a look at the video I filmed from Patalavaca as the boats sailed past Anfi del Mar.

Tip: Don’t worry if you miss it the first time, there is a procession on Sunday 2nd August 2015, when the boats sail from Puerto de Mogán back to Arguineguin.

If you are on holiday in Puerto Rico or surrounding areas during this fiesta, then I urge you to go and take a look and experience some Canarian culture. If you enjoy boats and just people watching, you can head down to the small restaurants and bars by the beach and harbour.

What are you most looking forward to in the Fiestas del Carmen?
One of my favourite parts is the smell of all the grills in the market square and the open air concert.

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La Sureña El Tablero

Where do you go if you are feeling hungry and are visiting El Tablero Shopping Center?

Usually I’d head to Burger King, but today I felt like some ‘real’ food. La Sureña El Tablero didn’t disappoint. A recent merge with 100 Montaditos which I’m a big fan of, was a sign that the food was going to be good.

La Sureña is a very popular tapas bar, especially busy when there is football on.

La Sureña El Tablero
La Sureña and 100 Montaditos in El Tablero Shopping Center

Of course we had to order the dish called ‘Chicken Tears’ (Lágrimas de Pollo – who comes up with these names, brilliant) delicious pieces of breadcrumbed chicken with a hot dip and some crisps.

La Sureña El Tablero
Lágrimas de Pollo

The Tosta Mediterránea was like a posh cheese, tomato and pesto on toast. I don’t eat cheese, but my Fiancé tells me it was delicious.

La Sureña El Tablero
Tosta Mediterránea

The potato wedges complimented the other two dishes perfectly.

La Sureña El Tablero
Patatas Bravas

If you like a nice cold beer with your tapas, then take advantage of ‘Doble Manía Total’ on Thursdays where you can grab a ‘Tosta’, a ‘Ración’ such as the Chicken dish and a bucket of Cruzcampo beer for just 6€!

La Sureña El Tablero

The atmosphere is great, the seaside decor gives you that feeling of being at a beach side bar.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite dish is at La Sureña.

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Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort

The Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort and Spa is set further back into the countryside area of south Gran Canaria, but still in an accessible area for trips to the beach via their free shuttle service.

It might not be the place you think to have your typical holiday in Gran Canaria but that’s why I’m going to tell you why you should consider it for your next escape to the island.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Palmera Pools

Sheraton Gran Canaria Reception

My Fiancé and I arrived at the resort on a very hot day, in fact we were having a heatwave and we just wanted to get some food and then head to one of the 7 swimming pools to cool down. The whole building is very open and airy with floor to ceiling windows and air conditioning! The friendly reception staff got us checked in (with a welcoming cold drink) and on our way to our room quickly, although we were that excited we walked around most of the hotel before we found our room.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Room

One of the first things I noticed in our room, (which was exceptionally clean and cool from the AC) was the walk in rain shower with the cool window through to the bedroom! It also had a bath which I would probably use if and when we return in the Winter months. We don’t have a bath at home, so a few bath bombs and candles would be absolute bliss!

Ladies or men with long hair, you will be happy to know there are hairdryers in the rooms too. I was pleased to see it was a full size hairdryer (with a nozzle!) and not one of those travel size things stuck to the wall. There is also a double sink, so if you like to set out all of your products on the sink area your other half can still access the taps. Did I mention there is a telephone in the toilet? We didn’t use it but it really made us chuckle. From our room we had an amazing view of the golf course. It’s so lush and green and the only noise we could hear were birds chirping, it’s such a tranquil place.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Breakfast

The breakfast buffet was one of our favourite parts of our stay at Sheraton Gran Canaria. The Gofio Restaurant is open for the most important meal of the day every morning from 07:30h – 11:00h. As we walked in we were greeted by the hostess and given glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Depending on your mood you can dine inside or outdoors, we chose indoors as we were closer to the food. If you like toast in the morning, you would be impressed with all types of bread on offer, not to mention the muffins, cakes, doughnuts and cookies for those with a sweet tooth.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Breakfast

I’ve never seen a breakfast buffet with such variety. There was even caviar! I chose to have green tea with my breakfast, tea lovers will be happy with the choice of Lipton teas. The coffee, I’m told was very nice and complimented the individual Spanish omelette and croissant nicely.

The breakfast has everything you needed to set yourself up for the day, whether you are going to be lazing by the pool, heading to the beach or enjoying a round of golf.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Secret Pool

With only a short stay, we tried to have a dip in each swimming pool. There is a secret pool which you won’t find on the map. I’m not going to tell you how to get to it because that’s a nice surprise for you to find on your stay, but of course I will share the view. This secret pool has a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and volcanic vistas, it’s very quiet and if you are lucky, you will be the only ones there, so it’s perfect for you and your special someone to relax.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Secret Pool

Sheraton Gran Canaria Aloe Spa

We didn’t have time to try out the hotel’s Aloe Spa, but I think you will agree it looks very inviting!

Sheraton Gran Canaria Aloe Spa

Sheraton Restaurants

I’ve already told you about our delicious breakfast, but after a busy morning round the pool La Palmera Restaurant had just what we needed. With gorgeous aqua decor and a chilled atmosphere we ordered our meals, fish and Ceasar Salad. I thought it was very trendy how the pre-lunch nibbles included salted popcorn! The Sunset Pool Bar on the 11th floor is a very hip place to enjoy a drink or some lunch too.

Hopefully on our next visit we will get to spend some time at Bar 230 and Camaleón Restaurant. We really were trying to cram as much in as possible in one day not forgetting having some time to relax!

I think the Sheraton Salobre Golf and Spa Hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway, you don’t have to play golf to stay there and I promise you won’t want to leave, I didn’t.

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Gran Canaria Photos

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria

Iced coffee and doughnut lovers rejoice, Dunkin’ Coffee Gran Canaria is now open in Vecindario!

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria

You may be more familiar with the name Dunkin’ Donuts, this is same company but as bakery company Panrico trademarked the term ‘donut’ in Spain, DD went with the name Dunkin’ Coffee here.

The first Dunkin’ Coffee in Gran Canaria opened it’s doors on Thursday 14th May 2015 at C.C Atlantico in Vecindario and of course I had to sample to goods.
Although I wasn’t in the mood for a hot drink, it is worth noting that they offer soy milk as an option which is good news for those who can’t drink animal milk.

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria pink donut with sprinkles

I opted for the Fresa topping dunkin which had a strawberry milkshake taste to the frosting, Homer Simpson’s favourite!

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria Chocolate donut with sprinkles

On the next visit I had the chocolate topping dunkin. My Fiancé tried out the Crunkin which is a croissant donut hybrid and can be served hot, if so they put it in this cool 50’s theme box.

They were promoting like crazy, 9,99€ for a box of 12 donuts and also giving away vouchers with each purchase for different items.

Dunkin' Coffee Gran Canaria donut counter

With a quick glance at Dunkin’ Coffee’s website I can see they have some delicious looking donuts and coffee although I’m more of a tea person so I will definitely be trying out their iced tea. It’s not all donuts, they also have some yummy looking bagels, croissants and toasties.

Of course for research purposes I will have to pay a few visits. 😉

UPDATE: July 2015 Dunkin’ Coffee El Mirador

On a recent shopping spree at Primark in Telde, I noticed this huge sign announcing the imminent opening of Dunkin’ Coffee! It looks like the first installation in C.C Atlantico Vecindario has been successful enough to open a 2nd in El Mirador Shopping Center, Telde.

Interesting enough, it’s not located in the food court, but by the entrance from the top car park near Primark. I can see this doing really well!

Dunkin' Coffee El Mirador

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Taj Palace Indian Restaurant Arguineguin

Taj Palace III opened it’s doors on the 2nd February this year, the only indian restaurant in Arguineguin.

I’ve been so looking forward to actually paying a visit and tasting the food for myself.

The original establishment Taj Palace I in Porto Novo, Puerto Rico is where I’ve enjoyed many a lovely meal so I knew what to expect.

We were greeted as soon as we arrived, I totally recommend you reserve a table by the window because of the lovely view of the palm trees and the late afternoon sunshine setting behind them. Straight away I noticed the atmosphere, calm and relaxed with really nice zen background music just the right volume to have a conversation with my dinner companion.


For starters was the obvious classic, crispy papadums and pickle tray with 3 different flavours, my favourite was the onion/cucumber. The Onion Bhaji was equally as tasty.

Main Course

As it’s been a while since I’ve eaten Indian food, I went for the mild Mixed Vegetable Curry which was absolutely delicious. I recommend mild for anyone who is new to Indian cuisine or doesn’t like their food too spicy. Next time I will try the medium for a little bit of a kick.

We ordered the Chicken Shashlik which was the star of the show and going by other diners table’s very popular. You can hear it before you order it. It’s brought over on a sizzling hot plate and I couldn’t help but take a short video of it swishing away.

As I edit this post I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Taj Palace, let me know in the comments if you visit.

Taj Palace III is in the Ancora Center, Arguineguin underneath Busters bar.
Timetable: Open everyday 3pm – 11pm
Takeaway & Home Delivery:
You can check out their menu online before you go or if you want to order some takeaway food.

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