First heatwave of the year for the Canary Islands

A few days ago whilst having a well deserved day off at Amadores Beach Club Spa in Puerto Rico, I was lazily looking up at the sky and noticed the bright blue skies changed to haze. It was very hot sunbathing near to the salt water pool and I realised we must have a heatwave on the way.

Canarias7 newspaper are reporting today that Canary Islands are due a heatwave and calima on Saturday 20th April. AEMET have in fact placed a yellow weather warning for extreme heat from Friday 19th with temperatures of 34ºc degrees expected, elevating to an orange warning with temps 37ºc degrees.

The heatwave is also expected to bring 'polvo en suspensión' which is basically what is often referred to as a calima, where the sand from the Sahara is picked up in the atmosphere, causing a hot haze that lingers over the islands.

The Government advises to take precautions in extreme heat especially children, the elderly and anyone with illness. Drinking plenty of water, taking shade, using sun protection and staying out of the direct sun in the middle of the day are advised.

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